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The most successful real estate agents share one thing in common. Without exception they are team builders. They assemble a team of qualified professionals to complement their own personal skills. Your team should work seamlessly with you, delivering a level of expertise and productivity that simply cannot be matched by the lone agent. If ever there has been a place in the industry where agents could benefit from specialized assistance, the processing of short sales is it.

Nationwide, thousands of real estate agents right now are processing tens of thousands of short sale files. While some agents do one or two, others have made it an industry, doing dozens of short sales each year. Almost anyone can close a short sale. The phenomenon of “accidental success” is when things just happen to line up and the file closes without a hitch. The question then becomes; how do I manage this process in such a way as to provide all of my clients with consistent and successful outcomes? The more short sales you do, the more you discover why so many fail.

Short sales for the average agent can be very frustrating. Here in Utah, in the year 2010, there were 9,183 short sale listings that met resolution. Of these 3,289 ended with a sale, giving Utah agents an average success rate of 35.8%. While many will accept this dismal report card as simply “the way it is”, we at ASA know better. As real estate agents, working on behalf of others, we have pledged ourselves to a higher standard.

Adam Street Associate

At ASA Short Sale Services we spend all day every day doing nothing but short sale negotiations. We are staffed with, specially trained, licensed real estate agents who have focused their careers on the task of getting your short sale files closed under the best possible terms.

Doing short sale processing full time allows us to keep you ahead of the curve with the latest and most effective tools, insider contacts and proven strategies. Placing our focus on one thing and one thing only has enabled ASA to meet that higher standard. In that same time period of 2010, ASA produced a verifiable short sale success ratio of over 90% for the agents we assisted. Our commitment to you is a more confident, trouble free and profitable real estate business than you ever thought possible. Whether you do one short sale this year or 50, the process will be easier and more profitable with ASA on your team.

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